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To the Editor:

When looking at our candidates for first selectman, many of the folks in town are sharing how lucky we are to have people of such quality running for office. I couldn’t agree more. And I hear them saying that we, in fact, are looking at choices that are–more or less–equal. But—we’re not.

Let me start out by being very clear that Rufus de Rham seems a truly nice man who appreciates the quality of Kent. Lynn Worthington is a terrific human being with worthy skills as a communicator and a heart that’s clearly in the right place in terms of what she sees and wants for our town. Rufus and Lynn may both see many of the same challenges we’re facing as a small, rural community, as those acknowledged by Marty Lindenmayer. And they may even envision many of the same solutions. But those who write that Rufus, Lynn, and Marty have equal skills, just haven’t done their homework.

Marty has led organizations, boards, classrooms, coalitions and platoons in Kent and around the world for more than 40 years. He not only sees what needs to be done, he’s able to lead what may begin as warring factions into united efforts that can define and affect positive solutions. How do we know? He’s proven it—time and time again.

He grew up on a farm. He doesn’t romanticize rural life, he’s lived it. His father taught and led conservation initiatives at Cornell. Marty was raised with those values. And his career in leading men and women under extreme conditions, faced with both duty and skill, was met not only with respect, but with commendation and honors.

Marty Lindenmayer has a tested, proven and true skill for leadership. He’s a man who has done everything possible to support his town, his community and his country for his entire career. We should be grateful to have him on our side. But most of all, we should acknowledge that the qualities—and most of all, the skills he can bring to our town’s leadership more than equal to the others’—no matter how well-intentioned others may be.

With grateful respect to all the candidates and all who help us to preserve and protect our town,

Diane Meier

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Avatar

    Charles Goldberg

    October 31, 2023 at 9:34 pm

    For me, broad and deep experience in comparable positions is imperative, whence my support of Marty.

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