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Karen Chase

President of Kent News, Inc.

Karen Chase

Karen Chase is a former editor, reporter, and photographer for the Kent Good Times Dispatch (1986-89 & 2006-08). Her articles and photographs have also appeared in the Litchfield County Times, the LCT Magazine, The Kent Forum, and the Kent Tribune.

It is a privilege for Karen to be part of bringing back Kent’s beloved newspaper, “The Kent Good Times Dispatch,” or as most people call it, “the GTD.” When she took on the role of editor, reporter, and photographer in 1986, Karen was new to the newspaper business. Reflecting on her time with the GTD, she says, “It was the highlight of my career when John Greene, who founded the paper with his wife Jane, sent me a note thanking me for taking good care of his newspaper. I can’t think of a better way for me to honor these two wonderful people and to serve the people of Kent than [by] bringing back the GTD.”

Additionally, Karen is an award-winning photographer and poet, a member of the Kent Art Association, and founder and host of “An Evening of Poetry and Music” at the Kent Memorial Library. Karen is retiring at the end of June after nine years of serving the Town of Kent as a Registrar of Voters. She lives in the Macedonia section of Kent in an earth-bermed house she and her late husband, Andy, built with the help of friends and their daughter, Sarah.


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