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Vote Your Conscience


To the Editor:

There has never been a race for First Selectman in Kent that has produced a more qualified selection of candidates. In their own right, each would be an excellent steward of the town. One cannot underscore their commitment to public service enough. 

Their hearts are in the right place, and they share the goodwill of our community without reserve. Each embodies the American spirit that Kent nurtures in her townsfolk—a rural fortitude and a small-town commitment that extends to well beyond the borders of our town. 

As Election Day draws near, let us reflect on the timeless values enshrined within our Constitution. Across our nation, and indeed the world, the very fabric of democracy rests upon upholding and defending these principles, ensuring a fair and just society for all. As our town wrestles with its own decision of leadership and direction, we need to hold firm to a decisive shift toward a local-minded politics rooted in principles, honesty and fairness. At the local, state, and national level, let us demand that our candidates and representatives exemplify the values we hold dear. 

To this end, I would like to add that I have known one of our candidates, Lynn Mellis Worthington, since I was seven years old when she first started as a reporter for the Kent GTD. She is now, as she was then, someone who I deeply respect. Lynn has a natural tenacity, which enables her to firmly grasp an issue, find a solution and yield results. She’s a community champion with a skillful, humble leadership style, that favors conscience over ego and accuracy over hyperbole. 

Lynn does truly embody the genuine spirit of Yankee ingenuity and wise thriftiness, which is essential for our small town. Lynn confidently knows this community inside and out—from every pothole and backroad to every storefront, town meeting and budget, to every hearth and headstone. Under Lynn’s leadership and guidance, I do believe that Kent’s best days are ahead. Moreover, I believe she will be a strong and wise guide for us at the state and federal level. For this, she has my vote.

The path to a stronger democracy starts here in our town—it lies in our hands, what we teach our children, and in the actions we take each day to be better people.

Regardless of who you’re voting for we must remember that we’re friends and neighbors. So, whether you’re a Lynn, a Marty, or a Rufus, let us communicate, coordinate and cooperate to forge a new vision of our Kent community where our shared and sacred candle on the water, our American Constitution, is not just revered but actively protected in the face of political challenges. The time for transformation is now, and it starts with a relentless commitment to upholding our constitutional principles, not only on Election Day, but every waking day. 

Sarah A. Chase

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