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Doris Palmer: An Appreciation


KENT—I met Doris Palmer when she taught a quilting class at her home. Doris was a superb teacher! She taught her class to “read” the colors in a quilt pattern, something I have come to understand is an anomaly.

No one else who taught a class in which I was a student took the time for this step and it is so important. 

Then we went on to quilting our pieces. I have no doubt all the members of the quilting class remember what Doris taught us. She was that kind of teacher.

Fast forward a few years to when Judy Howland, registrar of voters for the Republicans, named Doris her deputy and Maggie Wells, registrar of voters for the Democrats, named me deputy.

Again, Doris always shared her vast knowledge. She was a natural cheerleader. She always wanted you to be the best you could be.  

She was one of the rare people who believed in sharing information, that keeping information locked inside oneself was not the way to go.

Doris was not threatened by sharing knowledge—lucky for me as I was a recipient of her teaching methods.  

Later, when Karen Chase was registrar of voters, I again took the position of deputy.

Doris taught me, and anyone else who was interested in learning, the intricacies of elections. Doris always shared her knowledge without hesitation and was the most patient of teachers. It was second nature for Doris to help others.

Little doubt she holds a record for longevity as deputy registrar. She never wanted to be a registrar but was a stellar deputy. She often commented, “Why become a registrar when it is so much fun being a deputy?” 

Doris was extremely even tempered, dependable, honest, cheerful, and knowledgeable to the extreme. I never saw Doris ruffle her feathers. 

Family was at the center of Doris’ heart. She spoke often of her family and always in a kind and loving way.

Although I did not know her children, I feel that, though her eyes, I know them very well.

She was also a private person, enduring family tragedies. No one would know she was mourning. 

Doris was a class act. She will be remembered and missed by so many of us. It is hard to say goodbye.

Therese Duncan

Kent Registrar of Voters

Editors Note: Word of Doris Palmer’s death spread through Kent late last week. No obituary has yet been submitted.

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