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Andrea Schoeny

Secretary, Kent News, Inc. 

Andrea Schoeny

When Andrea moved to Kent in late 2020, she concluded that the town needed a one-stop shop for information about local news, utilities, events, and municipal and community resources. While it was especially difficult to get acquainted with Kent due to moving during the Pandemic (and at the beginning of winter), she soon realized that there are so many events and ongoing governmental processes of which many residents, not just new ones, are unaware. She was surprised to learn that after the Kent Good Times Dispatch closed in 2009, there has been no singular news source that comprehensively covers issues unique and particular to the town of Kent. Andrea firmly believes that the re-establishment of the GTD will provide a clearinghouse for all goings-on so that we have a more informed community that is efficiently engaged in cultivating the Kent we love.

As an occupational therapist, Andrea determines the best course of action for treatment, often requiring out-of-the-box approaches to solve seemingly intractable issues. She uses the same problem-solving talents and organizational skills as the Secretary of Kent News, Inc., to engage and attract various constituencies, promoting the benefit of all parties. Like most Millenials, she has many interests, side hustles, and projects. When she’s not working as an OT, she tutors college and high school students online, sews with the Kent Quilters, and serves on the Town of Kent’s Main Street Noise and Safety Subcommittee, in addition to bringing her enthusiasm and technical skills to Kent News, Inc. In her off time, you can find her at the Kent Memorial Library and the Kent Farmers Market with her toddler, Ollie.


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