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Jonathan Matson

 Treasurer & Web Admin, Board of Directors, Kent News, Inc.

Jonathan Matson

Our youngest Board Member, Jonathan Matson, has lived in Kent longer than everyone on the Board of Kent News, Inc., except for our President, Karen. Jonathan is a graduate of our local Marvelwood School and Champlain College in Burlington, VT, and the Founder of Matson & Associates, where he tailors IT services to serve the needs of small businesses and charities in Kent.

When Jonathan came home to Kent this winter, he became an active member of the Kent Lions Club, and recently joined Kent’s Chamber of Commerce as their Social Media Manager. Jonathan fondly remembers the GTD from his childhood and was ecstatic to hear about its return. He believes that the GTD is a pillar of the community and hopes that he will be able to use his technical skills to take the GTD into the modern age by making information about Kent accessible by any person on any device. 

Jonathan is smart and articulate, rounding out the Board of Directors with incredible IT expertise. He is able to present information in ways that every person can understand and brings together the best parts of many ideas to move the group forward in our endeavor to bring back the GTD!


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